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At our firm, we believe that if we can’t win your case, you shouldn’t have to pay for any of your costs. In the event that your trial is unsuccessful, you’ll never have to give us a dime. Read more.

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In order to get the best trial possible for your personal injury claim, there are steps you do need to take as a victim to ensure the best outcome available to you. Read more.

Most Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer in Ajax

Accidents happen all the time in life. Whether it’s picking up the wrong brand of milk from the convenience store, breaking your favorite drinking glass, or forgetting to take the trash out on garbage day, accidents are a normal and unavoidable part of life. Sometimes, though, accidents aren’t as innocent and harmless as a full trashcan or a broken cup.

Accidents can be painful, unfortunate circumstances that clients are put in or find themselves involved in that have really hurt them, and possibly even someone else. Some might find it surprising considering Ajax is a peaceful and quiet community, but personal injuries happen frequently, and if you happen to become injured, you need someone in your corner.

After an accident, many feel lost and like they’re at the end of their rope. Many accidents leave people out of work or with no income. Clients often come to the firm thinking that they’ll forever be out of a car, work, or never have the life they used to lead back again. As the best Ajax personal injury law firm, we’re here to make sure that you get the best shot at getting your life back on track with the best compensation possible.

We’re Here For You During the Hard Times

It’s imperative that in the case of an accident that you’re aware of the steps to take. In the case of an accident that involves great and bodily harm to you, another person, or even both parties, medical services should always be the first call. Still, getting in touch with an attorney for the maximum legal protection during the entire situation is vital. Evidence can be lost, witnesses may forget or muddle their accounts, and the bureaucracy is less interested in speedy filing as time goes by. In order to get a quick and just settlement, contacting one or our attorneys is your best bet at getting compensation and a just verdict.

You’re Going to Need a Helping Hand

Ajax is a city just like any other. No town on earth is free of unfortunate circumstances, and accidents can happen to any one of us. Because no one is ever truly expecting an accident, it can be difficult to deal with the aftershock on your own. Most victims of an accident, be it an animal attack or car accident, aren’t sure of the steps and legalities involved, which also includes their rights and their ability to be fairly compensated for the damage done to them. Most legal action is hard enough for the layperson to understand without the added pressure of an accident happening, let along being either injured or upset about the injury of someone they know.

Contacting one of our Ajax personal injury lawyers can be your first step to getting on the right track to overcoming the obstacles your accident made for you. Let us handle everything while you worry about getting better, getting mentally or physically better, or go about your daily life without the added worry of the legal side of things weighing you down. We’re here for you, to make sure that you’re taken care of when things are tough.

Get Compensated and Get Justice

Not all accidents are minor fender-benders that have a murky guilty party hidden somewhere in the law books or because someone did something wrong. Sometimes an accident can be more devastating and involve a great injustice due to negligence or inaction. For instance, someone who doesn’t tie up their aggressive dog who happens to bite a neighbor is greatly at fault for the actions of their animal, and they are responsible for their negligent act. You deserve compensation and justice for the faults of others. Let us help you make sure that you get exactly what you rightfully deserve.

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Practice Areas

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Car Accidents

Car accidents can result in extremely serious injuries, even in the case of minor fender-benders.

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Wrongful Death

When someone dies due to negligence at the hands of someone else, litigation is necessary.

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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can leave the victim with several hundreds of dollars worth of medical debt.

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slip and fall injury

Slip and Fall

When slip and fall accidents occur, the blame is often placed on the establishment the incident occurred in.

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word-related injuries

Work-Related Injuries

Work-related injuries are often due to mistreatment or neglect of another coworker or employer.

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animal attack injury

Animal Attack

Although most animal attacks involve dog bites, many other animals can also bite and injure a person.

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