3 Things to Consider When Deciding to Sue

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After you’ve been personally injured or involved in an accident, there’s very little time to sit and think about your decision to file a claim against the perpetrator of your injuries. The longer that you wait, the more time it will take to see results back from any claims and cases you file. Why? Evidence is harder to find, outside resources don’t put as much effort into their work for older cases, and witnesses and defendants may have already left town or are harder to reach. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to think ahead about your plan of action when it comes to your potential lawsuit. Before you decide that litigation is the definite way to go, do some research or take up a free consultation with one of our Ajax injury lawyers. In general, these are the three most common questions asked in order to assess your situation.

What Evidence is Necessary
Depending on the specific litigation you want to pursue, the evidence that is necessary to take the case to court may wildly differ. As a rule of thumb, pictures are always a great form of evidence to provide a judge or jury with, whether it’s of an infected cat bite or your recent auto accident. The names and basic information of any people who were either involved or bore witness to the accident or injury may also prove very useful when investigating the claim. Contact your local Ajax injury law firm to see what evidence is usually required or suggested prior to a trial coming to fruition. We offer a consultation prior to any court case.

Whether It Is Appropriate to File a Lawsuit
In some instances, filing a lawsuit can be frivolous and unnecessary. As an example, many clients are turned away by personal injury firms in Canada simply because they seem to be more interested in manipulating an investigation to their desires as an attempt to receive money they aren’t rightly owed. In your own case, think about the validity of the lawsuit you may or may not bring to light. Do you honestly feel like you have been wronged? Do you feel like what happened wasn’t your fault? Some cases make this question easy, like in the case of a hit and run or a dog attack. Others may not have a straight forward answer. If you’re not sure, contacting an attorney for a second opinion isn’t a bad idea.

What Attorney You’ll Choose
There are tons of Ajax personal injury lawyers in town, but which one will you choose to represent your case? Doing research on professional legal representatives is extremely important in getting the case presented to a court and getting a ruling in your favor. Our law firm offers you immediate attention, a free consultation, a no-pay guarantee if your case is lost, and an expert legal team with lawyers you can trust to keep your best interest at heart. Consider choosing our Ajax personal injury law firm for your personal injury case.