Why Choose Us for Your Case?

An Ajax, you’re bound to find more than a few personal injury lawyers willing and ready to take on your case. What we ask is that instead of choosing them, you choose us. Why? This isn’t a business ploy like many other firms might make to get you on as their client. Here we really respect and think about the needs of our individual clients, striving to offer them the best legal counsel possible for the best fees we can offer. To us, you aren’t just a client. You’re a person in need of help, and we’re just the attorneys to give it to you.

The Best Resources

An Ajax injury lawyer is going to be able to do much more research for you than you can at home. While clients may have access to the Internet and have the ability to be autonomous in their case research, we offer those who choose us to represent them much more than just a simple Google search can offer them. We have connections, access to the most up to date legal information possible, and know the Canadian legal system inside and out. Our ability to get the best people possible to help make your case solid is one of the biggest reasons to make us your law firm of choice.

Attention Paid to Your Problems

There are approximately 35 million people in Canada and 100,000 Ajax residents. Instead of treating you like just another one of those people involved in census statistics, we look at each individual client as a person with a life that has greatly changed due to unfortunate circumstances. You aren’t just a number as far as we’re concerned. You’re our sibling, our aunt or uncle, or grandmother or grandfather. We put the humanity back into law and look at your case with eyes that belong to someone you know and can trust, not just another lawyer looking to get another client on the hook. We don’t want you to get a fair trial so that we can have another win to brag about. We want you to win because you deserve to win.

Our Expertise in Canadian and Local Law

Most Canadians have a basic understanding of the laws and legal system around them, like the rules of driving and other general rules about living an everyday life. What many Canadians don’t know is that laws do vary from province to province and town to town. A law that may be in Ajax may not actually be the same in another city in another location. We have the best knowledge of the Canadian legal system and how it applies to your specific case.