Animal Attack

It can happen in an instant: you’re walking down a quiet Ajax street, minding your own business and not disturbing anyone or anything. Suddenly, without provocation, a strange animal comes up to you and aggressively stands its ground, ready to attack at a moment’s notice. While there are ways to get out of a situation like this, not everyone knows the best course of action, and sometimes even the best methods of escape fail. Regardless of your reaction, being attacked by an unfamiliar animal that you have not purposefully provoked isn’t your fault.

The most common form of animal attack in Ajax, and in most communities, is via either a wild or pet dog. Dogs are often very sweet and docile, even towards strangers once they establish they aren’t being threatened, but that isn’t always the case. One huge fear most clients have when coming to us with a case of dog bite is if the animal was rabid. Unlike some countries, Canada is not rabies free in any territory, so this is an extremely valid fear. Rabies is also one reason that dogs may act aggressive when they are otherwise docile in nature. It’s imperative that you go to the hospital to have your dog bite tended to. If your doctor does not photograph the injury both before and after treatment, take it upon yourself or ask a friend to retain this evidence that can be very important at trial.

Because animal attacks are often very sudden and severe, it’s absolutely imperative that you contact an Ajax injury law firm as quickly as possible to help handle your case. In the case that the animal in question is a pet, getting the name of the animal and the owner should be your first step after receiving medical attention. Give this information to the authorities and to your personal injury lawyer in order to get the ball rolling on your litigation.

Animal attacks can be very traumatizing because of the context of the situation. They are often very sudden and instill a sense of fear in the person attacked in the case of future contact with animals. Many an animal attack victim feels like they can’t ever look at their own pets or the pets of others in the same way. One of the best ways to start overcoming this fear of animals is to receive justice for your unnecessary injury. Using our firm for your lawsuit and possible compensation, you’ll have access to the best injury lawyers Ajax has available.