Slip and Fall

Everyone trips from time to time. Whether it’s over a crack in the side walk or an object strewn about the floor of your home, you can’t go through lift without falling down once or twice. It’s also normal to be a little negligent of these situations in your own personal living spaces. Maybe your floor isn’t the cleanest and you trip over an item you own, or maybe you fall over your child’s toy trying to clean their room. These kinds of scenarios occur every day to millions of people, and no one thinks anything of it.

Perhaps it’s because slipping and falling in one’s own personal space is so normal and expected that many people don’t actually think about the accidents that can happen outside of the home, sometimes even with devastating results. It’s often, even in communities like Ajax, that a floor isn’t mopped properly without the right signs posted and someone slips on the slick wood or tile. Maybe the proper mats aren’t put in place where they should be, leading to an accident. Many slips results in a bruised ego more than anything else, but it’s not so rare that a slip and fall accident occurs and a serious injury is sustained.

Common injuries associated with slipping and falling are broken bones, strained and pulled muscles, and concussions. These are sustained both during and after the fall, mostly due to hitting the hard and slipper surface where the fall occurred. When looking for a Canadian personal injury lawyer, Pickering and Ajax included, the attorney requested will readily tell you that if you slipped and fell in as store or public place, getting a thorough medical examination is the first step in filing any kind of claim.

One roadblock many attorneys run into when dealing with slip and fall cases is the lack of concern clients have for their physical well-being in regards to the accident. Much like with a car accident, even if the event doesn’t feel like it hurt or did any damage, getting examined by a medical professional can easily confirm whether or not any actual damage was done. There are many doctors in and around the Ajax community area that will give a physical in the event of an injury, specifically looking at the areas of the body most commonly affected by a slip and fall accident. These findings can be great evidence in the event that the slip and fall claim makes it to trial.