Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is a tragic time and an experience that no one should have to go through. In some cases, the passing of a loved one is expected and something that can be prepared for via knowledge and counseling. When someone is sick and death is an imminent reality, it’s often that their friends and family recognize that their passing is unavoidable, even if it’s only tucked away in the back of their minds. In some cases, however, the death of a loved one is completely unavoidable and caused due to the neglect or ignorance of another person or party. When this occurs, the term for such a situation is “wrongful death”. Many Ajax injury lawyers are sure to tell you that these scenarios are definitely in need of a consultation, and you and your loved one deserve to be compensated and their death brought to justice.

Any personal injury lawyer in Ajax will tell you that wrongful death lawsuits are often the hardest and most heartbreaking cases they take. As it is in our firm, we take wrongful death cases extremely seriously. After someone dies, there are few people left with a voice that can speak for them, and part of our jobs as attorneys is to speak for those who can’t be spoken for.

As a precaution, a wrongful death suit can only be filed if the lawyer can prove or make a case for the victim actually dying due to negligence. Injury law firms, Ajax attorneys included, will be very honest about the cause of death with the family and friends of the victim and tell them whether or not they actually have a case. In some suits, the lawyer and investigators may find that no one was at fault for the death, meaning a case can’t be made. In the event that someone may either be directly or indirectly blamed for the death, however, a wrongful death claim can be filed.

The most important element to any case involving the death of a loved one, accident or not, is giving the family members closure and peace of mind that their loved one’s death won’t go without a fair investigation and possibly a trial. This means not only going through with the investigation and case, but also easing their minds that they have someone fighting for them. Ajax injury law firms across the city will be more than willing to take the case, but only our firm will guarantee you the best and most respectful representation in your wrongful death suit.