The 4 Most Common Injury Claims

Injury claim

There are any number of ways a person can get injured, and all of them end in the same way: a bad day for you. No one wants to have to deal with medical bills in addition to the pain and suffering that comes from being hurt. In just about every case, though, if you weren’t at fault for your injury you have cause to sue the responsible party for personal injury damages. Though the list of ways this can happen is extensive, below you’ll find four of the most common instances where a personal injury case can definitely be made.

Car Accidents

The most common type of personal injury claim is a car accident, and with good reason. Millions of people in Canada drive cars every day in all kinds of states. Some of them are drunk, some of them are talking on the phone or texting, some aren’t paying attention to the road and some just plain have bad luck. All of these together provide an increased likelihood that sometime during the course of your driving career you’ll end up in an accident. And if you end up in an accident, odds are good that you’re going to be injured in some way.

Defective Products

Every product that enters the market is required to be tested to determine that it’s safe for the public to use before it can be sold. When a product doesn’t work as intended it can cause serious damage to the user. For example, in 2010 Toyota had a massive recall of more than two million of their cars due to a defect with the gas pedal. Obviously a defective gas pedal can have all kinds of ill effects on the road that a consumer would like to avoid facing, though if they do end up in the hospital due to this defective product they certainly qualify to file a personal injury claim with the company.


Every person is also expected to behave in a reasonable manner when they’re out in public. If they don’t and their irresponsible actions cause injury to someone else, they leave themselves open to a personal injury suit being filed against them. If a person goes out and gets drunk and then ends up in a fight with someone else at a bar, they’re responsible for any and all medical bills that person suffers as a result of the drinker’s choice to pick a fight.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors are also required to provide a certain standard of care. While they’re far from gods and can’t be expected to cure everything, it’s expected that they’ll use their expertise as best as they can and at least not actively make the situation worse. When they don’t a lot of things can go wrong, and that’s where medical malpractice suits come in. If a doctor makes your health situation worse due to their negligence or ignorance, you’re within your rights to sue them to recover any monetary damages you may have suffered.