What You Should Do After a Bike Accident

bike injuries

Being in a bike accident is different from a regular car accident. Your bike isn’t insured for one, and there’s the temptation to simply pick up your bike and go home to take care of your cuts and bruises. But leaving the scene of a bike accident can be just as bad of an idea as leaving the scene of a car accident for a lot of reasons. If you find yourself the victim of a bike accident, the tips below will help you navigate the mess.

Stay Calm

First things first, stay as calm as you can manage. When your fight or flight response comes up it’s easy to give in to panic, but keeping a level head will do you a world of good. Your actions will have a strong and immediate impact on the way you recover from the accident as well as any legal actions that may be the result of your bike accident.

Speak With the Police and EMTs

If the police aren’t already on the scene you should call them as soon as the accident happens. If they don’t send an ambulance to check you out automatically, request one so that you can get a documented examination. It’s common not to feel the effects of your accident immediately as adrenaline can cover a lot of pain, but the last thing you want is to wake up with an aching back the next morning. An EMT will be able to examine you and any injuries you have before they become a problem later on. And if you end up entangled in a legal situation it’ll be to your benefit to have documentation from the scene of the crime itself rather than having to explain later why you waited a month or a year to seek attention for something that you’re claiming caused you serious injury.

Gather Information

Especially before the police arrive it’s important to record as much information as you can just in case the driver decides to take off before they can give an official statement. Things like their insurance information, first and last name, license plate number and a description of the car are incredibly useful. Also take note of any witnesses nearby that may be willing to give testimony about what happened, the conditions on the street, the weather, and any other details you can think of that might be helpful.

Contact an Attorney

Any time a car hits a bike you’re going to be out some serious cash. There’s the cost of your bike, the cost of any medical bills you incur as a result of being hit and also lost wages from the days you weren’t able to go into work. The fastest way to make sure you’re compensated for all this lost money is to get in touch with a personal injury attorney right here in Ajax who can help you get your case sorted out. They’ll take all the hard work out of the process for you, giving you time to focus on healing.